SolarC250 is a fairly unique offering within the UK solar market.  Castillium use our expertise in developing multi-megawatt solar parks to develop much smaller 250kW ground mounted solar PV installations.

If a landowner has 1.5 acres of land adjacent to an existing meter supply (typically the electrical supply to the farm) and the site is relatively level, not overlooked by a lot of houses or within a conservation area then C250 is an obvious choice.

We work in partnership with the landowner taking the development through the grid and planning process (Castillium cover all cost involved) and then build and maintain the system.  The project life for the panels would be 25 years.  In exchange for allowing Castillium to develop the project on your land you receive a rent of £5,000 PA, which is index linked and you also receive all of the power produced by the panels at a cost of 7p/kWh.