Combined Heat & Power

Castillium specialise in reducing the cost of energy for businesses across the UK.   A Combined Heat & Power (CHP) unit is an ideal solution for buildings where there is high year round electrical and heating demand.  We work with our customers to help reduce their energy costs, offering a guaranteed price reduction for heating and electricity for up to 10 years,at no cost to you.

Combined heat and power units are high efficiency electricity generators that also capture the heat produced from this process, which means unlike large scale power stations which can waste up to 70% of their energy, a CHP engine typically wastes less than 10% of its energy.  It is also possible to run this heat through an absorption chiller and produce cooling for a building, this is called trigeneration.

Click on the links to the left for further information about CHP and how Castillium can help your business save money and improve your carbon footprint.  The video below is also a really useful overview of how CHP works.