Our Projects

Castillium work predominantly within the solar industry, and exclusively focus on ground mount solar as apposed to roof mounted.  Below are a selection of our projects which highlight the diverse nature of the work we do.


Cleator Solar Park

  • Location: Woodend Farm near Bigrigg in Cumbria
  • Size: 6.42MW; 40 acres
  • Site layout: View Cleator Solar Park Design
  • Capital cost: approximately £6M
  • Status: grid connection secured and pre-installation work in progress; planning determination in progress; construction contractor engagement in progress
  • Target construction September 2015

Skegness Solar Park

  • Location: Coronation Farm near Skegness
  • Size: 6.5MW; 36 acres
  • Site layout: View Skegness Solar Park Design
  • Capital cost: approximately £6.5M
  • Status: Construction Stage
  • Target commissioning date July 2015

Pear Tree Farm Solar Field

  • Location: Peartree Farm, Thwing, Yorkshire
  • Size: 250kW; 1.5 acres
  • Status: Constructed

QBotix Tracking Solar

  • Location: SWC, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland
  • Size: 45kW; 0.5 acres
  • Status: Constructed
  • The only European QBotix tracking solar installation.