Solar Parks

One of Castillium’s main areas of focus is in the development of large scale ground-mounted solar parks. These renewable power stations have the potential to completely change the way Britain is powered.

Our solar installations have the benefit of being quick to roll out compared to conventional power stations: we aim with our partners to build out over 200MW of capacity within the next two years. Unlike windfarms which can be very visibly intrusive, solar farms can be hardly visible at all if built in the right location.

Solar parks, unlike nuclear, conventional coal or gas power stations have very few if any negative environmental impacts. With careful and considered design they can actually enhance biodiversity. At the end of their working lives, the solar panels and frames are easily and quickly removed from the land, leaving no long term scars.

Our solar park portfolio has grown rapidly and we now have sites across the country and we have secured development and construction finance for our first wave of projects.  We target development opportunities that are on poor quality agricultural or brown field land. Whilst the South West of England is considered to be the prime area to develop solar PV parks in the UK, we believe that there are strong development opportunities across the UK.

We approach development in a professional manner and our project management team take sites right through from initial screening and surveys to the time the completed solar park has been commissioned and the construction teams move off.  We are responsible for maintaining the park throughout its lifespan and so there is nothing for a landowner to worry about.