CHP Financing Options

Castillium offers two CHP options for your property:

1. Castillium Energy Supply Contract (CESCo)

The Castillium Energy Supply Contract (CESCo) provides energy systems that produce electricity, heat and hot water.  This is achieved by installing, operating and maintaining complete energy systems tailored to a customer’s specific site requirements. The solution is an off balance sheet financial solution that increases the operational efficiency of your property with zero capital outlay.

The CESCo model is a no cost, hassle free solution and Castillium will take care of the following aspects of the process:graph

  • Site evaluation
  • Full engineering design
  • System selection
  • Installation
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Gas purchasing
  • Billing and support

2. Outright Purchase

If your company would rather invest in a CHP unit then Castillium’s expert team will assess the demand requirements of your building and produce a business plan highlighting the likely costs and benefits of a system.  We are not tied to any particular technology so can look at the whole market to establish which technology (if any) is suitable.  If this comprehensive review highlights that a CHP system would be economically attractive and technically possible then Castillium will install, commission and maintain the system – giving you one, professional and experienced point of contact.

In either case the first action is to assess the energy demand of your building and determine whether or not a CHP system is the right technology as there is little point installing CHP if the heat demand is not present.  Castillium offer a free, no obligation energy assessment and if you would like to know more about how CHP could work for your business please get in touch.

Every step of the process is handled by the highly experienced Castillium project management team.