Community Solar

Community Solar

In towns and villages across the UK, groups within the community are taking their energy supply and energy security into their own hands.

Disillusioned by ever increasing energy bills and with a genuine desire to change, Community Groups are looking at alternative options. Castillium’s package, which includes exclusive access to single Robotic Tracking Systems developed by Qbotix, offers Community Groups an alternative approach to generating energy locally and efficiently.

If you think your community could benefit from cheaper power, predictable pricing for the next 20 years and a real financial benefit, then please get in touch for a chat about how we can make it happen.


Further information about a 1MW solar park:

  • The system would only use about 5 acres of land.
  • There would be approximately 6m between each row of panels which can be sown with wild flowers or grazed by sheep.
  • Annual electricity production would be in the region 1 million kilo watt hours (enough to power 300+ average UK homes)
  • The community shares in the financial return created by the project
  • Predictable generation output with a lifespan of 25 years.
  • Very quick construction, typically 2-3 months.
  • No noise
  • No change to the future zoning of the land
  • A well selected site will not be visible from public roads or houses due to good hedging and level ground.

Call us or email to find out more.